Classy Middle-crossed Bamboo Flooring
Classy bamboo flooring is made from three layers of solid bamboo, which is traditional and classic production procedure. It combines bamboo strips with glue to realize horizontal and vertical structure which shows a rather rustic structure of bamboo material, the layers in the middle layer crossed structure to reach high stability, classy bamboo flooring can be stained into the desired color.

Product Code





Caramel, Vertical, T&G, Classy Bamboo Flooring



Caramel, Horizontal, T&G, Classy Bamboo Flooring


High Stability 

Because the flooring is composed of multiple individual strips and crossed middle layer structure, dasso® Classy bamboo flooring will be more stable than others, providing a more stable floor.

Easier Installation 

Wide planks with T&G profiling, means expedited installation process, also reduce the cost of labor and other related installation expenses.

Beautiful Appearance 

Long and Wider boards create an original, beautiful and natural look of bamboo texture.

Endless Resource 

Made from bamboo, one of the fastest growing plants on earth. Each stem can be harvested after 4-6 years, and the plant continues to grow.


Natural beauty of the classy bamboo flooring



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