• ➤Established Zhejiang Daocheng Bamboo Industry Co., Ltd.
    ➤Established Fujian Dazhuang Bamboo Industry Co., Ltd. 
    ➤Exhibit HANOVER DOMOTEX 2019 in German 
    ➤Exhibit IBS 2019 in Las Vegas

  • 2018

    ➤Jiangxi Zhushang Bamboo Industry Co.,Ltd officially put into operation, production capacity can reach more than 1 million square meters
    ➤dassoXTR® passed the Australian fire test to reach BAL 29, truly opening the Australian market
    ➤China Domestic Distributors Conference Successfully Held
    ➤Attend and Exhibit in ECOBUILD 2019
    ➤Exhibit IBS 2018 in Orlando

  • ➤Exhibit IBS 2017 in Orlando 
    ➤Attend and Exhibit in Auckland Build 2017 Exhibition
    ➤International distributors from USA & Philippines visit factory and have production training 
    ➤Dasso “Leadship Traning”, in cooperation with Zhejiang Quantum University, conducted a two-year comprehensive management training for more than 40 managers.

  • 2016

    ➤Set up the manufactories “Zhejiang Xinhaiye Bamboo Technology Co., Ltd. The capacity of dassoXTR is 600,000 M2; 
    ➤Attend and Exhibit in IBS 2016 in Las Vegas
    ➤Attend and Exhibit in Shanghai DOMOTEX 2016
    ➤Exhibit in The BIG 5 International Building & Construction Show in Dubai

  • ➤Won two National Award for Technological Invention
    ➤Strategic cooperation with IKEA, IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad visited Dasso
    ➤Participate IBS 2015 in Las Vegas
    ➤ Participate Shanghai DOMOTEX 2015

  • 2014

    ➤Dasso was invited to attend the 2014 United Nations climate conference in Peru 
    ➤Dasso successfully hosted the world's first Bamboo Architecture. Bamboo Life Summit Forum, more than 600 architects, designers and bamboo industry experts gathered in Wuxi Grand Theatre
    ➤Dasso founder, Larry Lin(Lin Hai), won Lifelong Honorary of China National Forest Products Industry Association

  • ➤Dasso and IKEA signed formal strategic cooperation and set up IKEA global bamboo research and development center.

  • 2012

    ➤Attend and exhibit in DOMOTEX Asia
    ➤Completed Shandong Grand Theatre project. Large-scale application of bamboo fire board and bamboo acoustic panels developed by Dasso

  • ➤Drafted National Standard for Outdoor Strand Woven Bamboo 
    ➤Launching new product of “Ecosolid” globally 
    ➤Alxa Annual Meeting
    ➤Signed an indoor and outdoor flooring strategic cooperation agreement with real estate developers “Greentown” and “Langshi”
    ➤Develop bamboo acoustic materials and applied successfully in Wuxi Grand Theatre. It is the first time bamboo completely replaces wood in theater applications.

  • 2010

    ➤Alxa Annual Meeting
    ➤Signed a green strategic partnership with Vanke, one of China's largest real estate developers.

  • ➤Dasso Won Famous Trademark of China
    ➤Dasso participated in the China-US Economic Summit Forum
    ➤Ecosolid Started Industrialization

  • 2008

    ➤Completed bamboo decking research and development with Nanjing Forestry University
    ➤Wenchuan Earthquake Donation

  • ➤Attend Shanghai DOMOTEX 2007

  • 2006

    ➤Developed wind turbine blade materials with Cambridge University, 100 sets of bamboo wind turbine blades were put into use in Zhangbei, Hebei in 2009

  • ➤Bamboo fireproofing materials have been successfully developed, and one of the world's largest bamboo application project has been completed through the highest fire rating M1 fire detection in Europe – 230,000 M2 bamboo fireproof ceilings at Madrid International Airport, Spain

  • 2004

    ➤Dasso established bamboo raw material base (Nanfang Forest Farm, 2700 hectares of bamboo forest)

  • ➤Established a bamboo sliced veneer joint venture

  • 2002

    ➤Dasso cooperated with professional institutes such as Chinese Academy of Forestry and Nanjing Forestry University to develop fireproofing bamboo materials;
    ➤We finished the projects of Italian prince's lounge in Netherland, British Airlines Shanghai branch, Shenzhen Furniture College.

  • ➤Dasso has further developed new products such as bamboo decorative materials and bamboo furniture panels. 
    ➤The two-layer heated bamboo flooring has obtained Chinese and US patents;

  • 2000

    ➤Completed projects such as the Philips headquarters building, the German Mercedes-Benz company building, and the Nike company building in Germany;
    ➤Developed new product - strand woven bamboo;

  • ➤Dasso participated in the formulation of bamboo flooring standards in Zhejiang Province.
    ➤Dasso production management is integrated into the ISO90001 management system, strictly implementing the ISO90001 quality management standards, and transforming from traditional production management to modern production management.
    ➤Completed projects such as the Tobu Department Store in Japan and the CITIC Bank Building in Zhejiang Province.

  • 1998

    ➤Dasso completed the Project of Zhejiang Petroleum Building Project, Shanghai Fuhong Villa, and Shanghai Jiatianxia Villa
    ➤We developed two-layer heated bamboo floor which has good sales in Korea and Japan

  • ➤Established bamboo material supply chain management

  • 1995

    ➤Drafting the first provincial bamboo flooring standard

  • ➤Dasso became one of the earliest manufacturer of bamboo flooring in China, and its products began to be exported to Japan, Korea and other countries and regions.

  • 1993

    ➤Founded in 1993, dasso Group began the journey of industrial utilization of bamboo resources

  • ➤dassoCTECH PLUS officially released.

  • 2023

    Dassogroup hits 30 years!