Every 2 seconds, a football field size forest disappears from the Earth. Excessive consumption of forest resources and seasonal depletion of mature trees cause a shortage of wood raw materials. Protect forest resource and the environment is becoming a global concern.

dasso® is one of the leading companies in using bamboo instead of wood. Bamboo reproduces very fast and has less carbon emission, it improves the environment and helps sustainable development.

dasso® is always thinking of new ways to use bamboo, concentrating on developing high add-value products, following customer needs, providing outstanding value-added service, thus Dasso is becoming one of the brand leaders in China and around the world.

Dasso • Social Responsibility

Public Welfare Establishments

"dasso” Charity Foundation

Gesang Flower Student Grant

Children Foundation of China Sichuan Shifang Project

--Pengzhou Recovery Center




At the 2009 Copenhagen meeting, the world' s first wind turbine blade was developed by Dasso and brought to the meeting by Prime Minister Wen. It indicated that China the most populated country, is always trying to improve the Earth' s environment, also shows that China keeps trying to find more ways to improve the environment.


Environment Protection 

In order to encourage society to protect the forest save energy, reduce automobile emission and improve sustainable development, Dasso joined the SEE and signed in the Copenhagen Meeting to promising to protect the environment in 2009. Attend the United Nations climate conference each year in different countries. Dasso also upgraded its product line to support the environment and fight against global warming.


The proponent of Green Material 

Dasso organized the Bamboo Architecture. Bamboo Life Summit Forum in 2014, more than 600 architects, designers and bamboo industry experts gathered in Wuxi Grand Theatre

AIA Continuing Education Provider in the USA


  • Dasso • Public Welfare Establishments
  • Dasso • Copenhagen
  • Dasso • Environment Protection
  • Dasso • Proponent of Green Material
  • Dasso • Sustainable Development
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The company has always been pursuing excellence, delivering results by words and putting people first, creating good development opportunities for employees through education people, cultivating people and making contributions to local social, cultural and economic development.