Since the establishment of the factory, dasso has introduced various management systems, such as ISO, Six Sigma Management, EPR, etc. The advanced management system guarantees the quality, process and cost advantages. Dasso also set up a series standards of bamboo product, such as enterprise standards, industry standards and even national standards. dasso's qualifications and industry position are widely recognized.
To provide high quality environmentally friendly bamboo materials,
and adhere to sustained development in science and technology.

Development and application of fireproof bamboo: meeting the highest fire-retardant standard – M1 in Europe. The 2,300,000 sq.ft of fire-resistant bamboo ceiling at Madrid's international airport is the largest application so far.
Used in the 1,000-seat theatre, it can avoid echo while reflecting low frequency in terms of acoustics. And the texture and color of bamboo is much better than traditional wood. wind turbine.
Using bamboo instead of fiberglass, cuz the Low-Density of bamboo, which can lengthen the blades as much as possible and improve efficiency. Meanwhile, the natural bamboo can be recycled at the end of its life, without the problem of "non-degradation"
Untreated natural bamboo can’t be used outdoors. Through its patented "heat treatment" technology, Dasso make dassoXTR be anti-corrosive, anti-fungus, stable and fire-retardant, which can be widely used outdoors.
Dasso use the latest CTECH technology to develop another natural color for outdoor bamboo - EPIC light color.
Dasso Structural Bamboo is under development, will come up soon!