dasso Bamboo Incense Stick
Dasso bamboo stick is made by 4-6-year-old moso bamboo which is grown up in Jiangxi and Fujian province with abundant water and suitable weather. It is manufactured by modern equipment and dasso-owned technology which realizes higher bending strength, more even and straightness. And all materials are sourced from the first layer of bamboo with AAA grade. Each pc of stick barely has the variation with very less tolerance.
Product CodeSize (mm)StructureDescription
DS-BIS-88Inches * 1.3mmDiaFirst Layer of Moso BambooRaw Bamboo Incense Stick, AAA Grade
DS-BIS-99Inches * 1.3mmDiaFirst laver of Moso BambooRaw Bamboo Incense Stick. AAA Grade
DS-BIS-1010lnches * 1.3mmDiaFirst layer of Moso BambooRaw Bamboo incense Stick. AAA Grade
DS-BIS-1212Inches * 1.3mmDiaFirst layer of Moso Bamboo
Raw Bamboo Incense Stick. AAA Grade


AAA grade –  Made by 1st layer of bamboo in Jiangxi and Fujian, quality is guaranteed 


Optional Sizes – Various sizes (8,9,10 12 inch are currently available, customized sizes are acceptable)


Eco-friendly resource – Made from bamboo, one of the fastest-growing plants on earth. Each stem can be harvested after 4-6 years, and the plant continues to expand itself. 


Natural appearance – Creates a beautiful, natural look. It makes you feel like touch the original bamboo forest.