dasso Bamboo Panel
dasso Solid Bamboo Panel is a visually appealing board product that consists of multiple layers of bamboo, made with 100% NAUF glue and available FSC certified and available in multiple variations with respect to size, thickness, configuration, style and color. These bamboo panels are especially interesting in those applications where the side of the panel remains visible, such as steps of a staircase, furniture and kitchen worktops. dasso Strand Woven Bamboo Panel has a top layer made of strand woven, this makes the strand woven bamboo panel very hard, wear-resistance and wooden texture and therefore interesting in demanding application in terms of use or design.

ProductDescriptionSize (mm)
BP-TCH-4'X8'-A153-ply Horizontal carbonized bamboo board2440*1220*15
BP-TCV-4'X8'-A153-ply Vertical carbonized bamboo board2440*1220*15
BP-TCH-4'X8'-A203-ply Horizontal carbonized bamboo board2440*1220*20
BP-TCV-4'X8'-A203-ply Vertical carbonized bamboo board2440*1220*20
BP-TCH-4'X8'-A253-ply Horizontal carbonized bamboo board2440*1220*25
BP-TCV-4'X8'-A253-ply Vertical carbonized bamboo board2440*1220*25
BP-TCH-4'X8'-A303-ply Horizontal carbonized bamboo board2440*1220*30
BP-TCV-4'X8'-A303-ply Vertical carbonized bamboo board2440*1220*30
BP-TCH-4'X8'-A405-ply Horizontal carbonized bamboo board2440*1220*40
BP-TCV-4'X8'-A405-ply Vertical carbonized bamboo board2440*1220*40
BP-TCH-2'X10'-A303-ply Horizontal carbonized Kitchen table bamboo board3000*650*30
3-ply Vertical carbonized Kitchen table bamboo board3000*650*30
BP-TCH-2'X10'-A405-ply Horizontal carbonized Kitchen table bamboo board3000*650*40
BP-TCV-2'X10'-A405-ply Vertical carbonized Kitchen table bamboo board3000*650*40


Bamboo veneer + aluminum honeycomb

(Fire resistant bamboo panel with Al honeycomb structure, 4X8 sized, carbonized, vertical, four sides are sealed, finished with a Class A fire-rated coating)


Bamboo veneer + aluminum ceiling board

(Fire Resistant Squared bamboo ceiling or panel with Al honeycomb structure, carbonized, vertical, four sides are sealed, finished with a Class A fire-rated coating)



Contribute to Architecture: have EPD® Environmental Product Declarationwhich contribute to green building certification program like LEED, Breeam


High Stability Due to the composition of individual strips and multiple crosses pressed layers, dasso® Bamboo Panels will shrink and swell less than solid wood species, providing more stability


Hard & Durable with a hardness and density similar or better to the best hardwood products


Multiple Solutions dasso® Bamboo panels offer multiple solutions for worktops, furniture, window and door frames, kitchens, doors, stairs, wall and ceiling coverings, and many more indoor applications.


Longer Application length of the single board up to 3 meters, which is suitable to use as kitchen board (kitchen top), long tabletop.


Natural Appearance Creates a beautiful, natural look. It makes you feel like touch the original bamboo forest.

Eco-friendly Resource Made from bamboo, one of the fastest-growing plants on earth. Each stem can be harvested after 4-6 years, and the plant continues to expand itself. FSC® available.


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