Strand Woven Panel
dasso Strand Woven Bamboo Panel has a top layer made of strand woven, this makes the strand woven bamboo panel very hard, wear resistance and wooden texture and therefore interesting in demanding application in terms of use or design.
Product codeDescriptionSizemmStructure
BSP-CU-310Carbonized, Strand Woven, Unfinished,
 Strand Woven Bamboo Panel
L1860*W1220*T203 layers (4/12/4 mm)
BSP-CU-320Carbonized, Strand Woven, Unfinished, 
 Strand Woven Bamboo Panel
L1860*W1220*T303 layers (5/20/5 mm)
BSP-CU-530Carbonized, Strand Woven, Unfinished, 
 Strand Woven Bamboo Panel
L1860*W1220*T405 layers (4/14/4/14/4 mm)

l  Hard & Durablewith a hardness and density similar or better to the best hardwood products


l  High Stability Due to the composition of individual strips and multiple cross pressed layers, dasso Bamboo Panels will shrink and swell less than solid wood species, providing more stability


l  Multiple Solutions dasso Bamboo Products offer multiple solutions for worktops, furniture, window and door frames, kitchens, doors, stairs, wall and ceiling coverings, and many more indoor applications.

l  Beautiful Appearance Creates a beautiful, natural look. Final appearance can be determined with many different finishes.


l  Endless Resource Made from bamboo, one of the fastest growing plants on earth. Each stem can be harvested after 4-6 years, and the plant continues to grow


l  Fireproof bamboo panel has a fire resistance class B1, following EN 13501-1 facilitating application in public projects.

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