dassoXTR-ULTRA GRIP Decking
Designed for protection and safety, the dassoXTR-ULTRA GRIP Decking boards are an excellent product choice for eco-conscious buyers who are looking to prevent slips and injuries in their outdoor spaces. These boards are sustainable, durable, and high density. They are made from compressed Bamboo fibres, and have undergone our patented heat treatment process; making them the strongest, hardest, and most durable slip resistant materials on the market. One unique feature about these boards is their head tongue and groove: enabling unlimited amounts of boards to connect lengthways with one another, which can only be achieved with materials that have high strength and stability
Product codeDescriptionSize(mm)SurfaceFinishRemark
XDUG18-SG2-5TG-PSRdassoXTR-ULTRA GRIP Decking, Outdoor oiled decking, Smooth & Reeded, T-18L1850*W137*T18S/ROutdoor OiledRegular Order 
XDUG20-SG2-5TG-PSRdassoXTR-ULTRA GRIP Decking, Outdoor oiled decking, Smooth & Reeded, T-20L1850*W137*T20S/ROutdoor OiledRegular Order 


防滑logo.pngHigher slip design Reach P4 slip ratings under Australia Standard AS 4586-2013

  END MATCHED Installation on joists

1582682245915574.png Match Installation Available in Sheathing or Batten Installation

0资源 3123.png Hard & Durable harder than any other hardwood [EN 1534]; Durability: Class 1

资源 6.png Fire Resistance Class A / Bfl-s1; can be easily applied in public projects

0资源 2123.png Stable & Precise No head side gap between boards with T&G end match

资源 4.png Termite Resistance Class1: AS 5604; Class 8 [AWPA-2012,AWPA E1-09]

资源 3.png Mould Resistance  Class 0 [DIN EN ISO 846:1997-10] [DIN EN 152: 2011]

0资源 4123.png 25 - Year Limited Warranty

0资源 3.png Environment Friendly Bamboo ready for harvest after 4-6 years [compared to up to 100 years for hardwood species] – no deforestation