dassoXTR & Magnet system
Dasso developed Fused Bamboo Decking - dassoXTR to match Magnet Installation System, with patented invisible profiling, magnet clips and a wide range of components. It comes out sustainable and high-durable top decking with invisible gap, accessible and easy installation. Applicated at the walkway, boardwalk, terrace, balcony, dock for commercial and residential.



1574816438863273.png Hard & Durable harder than any other hardwood [EN 1534]; Durability: Class 1

1574816385284514.png Mould Resistance  Class 0 [DIN EN ISO 846:1997-10] [DIN EN 152: 2011]

资源 6.png Fire Resistance Class A / Bfl-s1; can be easily applied in public projects

0资源 3.png Environment Friendly  Fused Bamboo is a green and sustainable material with EPD and FSC certificated.



Invisible Gap 

BETTER LOOK – No visible gaps or understructure while enabling water drainage and ventilation.

SAFER – Nothing can get stuck such as high heels or fingers, no loss of valuables such as coins, rings, or keys.



Assembly with Magnet

An advanced mechanical locking with a superior grip that holds boards stronger than scree but yet flexible to open up and close again when necessary.

The process of assembly is Easy (No Screws), Fast (No pre-drilling), Silent (No Tools), and Cost-efficient.


100% Accessibility and Reusable

Total access for decking, cladding, and soffit with a single spatula, easy substitution or reuse of top bamboo decking boards, maintenance-friendly. 



A lifetime foundation

Build it with a lifetime foundation; superior mechanical properties to hold clips; enlarged service life.