dassoCTECH Soffit
dassoCTECH Soffit, Deck Skirting and Wainscoting are Pre-primed and specifically designed for interior and exterior use with no leaching and zero VOC. All Fused Bamboo are Class-A Fire rated. dassoCTECH soffit, deck skirting and wainscoting are ideal for creating an elegance lasting beauty environment.

Product codeDescriptionSize(mm)SurfaceEnd MatchFinishRemark
ESO12-100-5TG-PSSdassoCTECH outdoor oiled Soffit, 
shiplap, T&G end match, T-12
L1850*W100*T12S/ST&GOutdoor OiledRegular Order 
ESO12-100-5TG-PSS-L0dassoCTECH outdoor oiled Soffit, T&G end match, T-12L1829*W100*T12S/ST&G

Outdoor Oiled

Regular Order

Remark the explanation of dassoCTECH Soffit Product Code: 



END MATCHED  END MATCHED Installation on joists

1571107227140386.png Match Installation Available in Sheathing or Batten Installation

1567607959182280.png Beautiful Classy IPE Color and wooden texture

0资源 3123.png Hard & Durable harder than any other hardwood [EN 1534]; Durability: Class 1

0资源 2123.png Stable & Precise No head side gap between boards with T&G end match

资源 4.png Termite Resistance Reticulitermes santonensis DC D(durable)[EN 117]

资源 3.png Mould Resistance  Class 0 [DIN EN ISO 846:1997-10] [DIN EN 152: 2011]

0资源 4123.png 25 - Year Limited Warranty

0资源 3.png Environment Friendly Bamboo ready for harvest after 4-6 years [compared to up to 100 years for hardwood species] – no deforestation




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Please check out these video to know how to install the soffit!