China-UAE Green Value Summit Highlights Global Commitment to Sustainable Development

Dubai, December 7, 9 a.m. – The "China-Arab (UAE) Green Value Summit-The Future of Sustainable Cities" organized by Biosphere 3 took place in Dubai Sustainable City, drawing prominent figures from the realms of politics, business, and academia. The event served as a significant platform for international cooperation, emphasizing collective efforts to combat climate change and foster a shared future for humanity.


The distinguished guests included Gu Shengzu, Vice Chairman of the 13th Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Chief Expert of Wuhan University Global Development Think Tank, H.E. Fahad Al Ahbabi, Senior Official of Abu Dhabi Presidential Affairs Department, Zhang Yiming, Chinese Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the United Arab Emirates. Noteworthy attendees encompassed business leaders from over 100 domestic and international companies, highlighting the diverse representation of green energy, urban planning, and environmental protection sectors.

Global Perspectives on Sustainable Urban Development

Larry Lin, the founder of dasso Group, the world's largest bamboo product manufacturer, likened bamboo to "A gift from God." He shared several data sets: In terms of the time to mature, wood takes 30-50 years, while bamboo only takes 4 years, and bamboo has a powerful carbon sequestration ability.


Antoine Duboille, Fabian Michael Klophas, Zakariya Mohamad, and Roberto Sanchez Morcillo, representatives of the dasso Group in Europe and the Middle East, discussed the application of sustainable materials in the bamboo industry. 


Tony Wang, the Director of dasso Group Overseas, actively participated in the China-UAE Green Value Summit Highlights Global Commitment sub-event. Collaborating with other Chinese enterprises dedicated to sustainable development, he engaged in discussions regarding potential solutions for the construction industry's future.


Commitments and Collaborations for a Greener Future

Wang Shi, founder of Vanke Group, encouraged entrepreneurs to actively participate in climate action . He commended dasso Group's bamboo innovation and Li Tie's afforestation efforts, showcasing how these entrepreneurs contribute to a closed loop of economic development and carbon reduction.


China State Construction Engineering Corporation (Middle East), represented by Wang Shaofeng, shared the company's green practices, and announced a future ecological city project in Dubai. The project aims to demonstrate innovative approaches to community development through ecological methods.

In a memorandum of cooperation, Deeprock Group and CSCEC (Middle East) committed to exploring ecological urban planning and design, fostering resource sharing, and creating a world-class, low-carbon, sustainable park in the UAE.

The summit concluded with a cooperative alliance between Biosphere 3 and Dubai Sustainable City, paving the way for collaborative solutions in urban sustainable development, architecture and the foundations of future cities.


The "Green Value Summit" exemplifies a global initiative to share sustainable solutions, reflecting the commitment of nations and businesses to address climate change collectively. As COP28 unfolds, the exchange of ideas and collaborations fostered at this summit contribute to a greener and more sustainable future for all.