Dasso Group Terminates all Distribution Rights of MOSO International BV and Issues Caution to Dealers Buying MOSO Branded Products

December 6, 2018 - Hangzhou, China: At the conclusion of a specially called meeting on 14 November 2018, Hangzhou Dasuo Technology Co. Ltd. (“dasso”), one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of bamboo products worldwide, voted to formally revoke and terminate any and all licenses and agreements with MOSO International BV (“MOSO”), including all rights, authority, distributorships and access to dasso’s extensive network of dealers and suppliers. The termination also applies to all of MOSO’s subsidiaries and corporate affiliated entities, including MOSO Europe, S.L.U., MOSO Italia, S.R.L., MOSO Middle East, LLC and MOSO North America, Inc.

On 15 November 2018, dasso served the first of several formal notices on MOSO to permanently remove and eliminate MOSO from any affiliation or rights to dasso patented and branded products. The Notice of Revocation and Termination served on MOSO revoked all previously granted rights and authority of the patent used to manufacture dasso’s fused bamboo exterior decking product in designated countries in Europe. After MOSO was served with the notice, dasso was forced to publish a press release on 21 November 2018 alerting the public to the 15 November 2018 notice due to MOSO’s refusal to accept and comply with the Notice of Revocation and Termination.

On 2 December 2018, due to continued unauthorized actions being taken by MOSO and its subsidiaries, MOSO was served with another legal Notice of Termination, which included MOSO’s U.S. subsidiary, MOSO North America, Inc. (“MOSO US”). The official letter terminated any and all distribution agreements, licenses, authority, consents, powers, contracts, dealer and supplier sales channels, resources and all other associations and agreements by and between dasso and MOSO, including MOSO US and any other subsidiaries of MOSO. Although dasso refused to renew MOSO’s distribution agreement almost three (3) years ago, dasso continued to allow MOSO to purchase product for limited distribution and sale in certain territories in Europe.

In 2017, dasso learned of an undisclosed and unauthorized direct purchase agreement between MOSO and a factory under contract with dasso and that MOSO was importing and selling unauthorized product directly into the U.S. market through a newly created subsidiary, MOSO US. The unauthorized purchase agreement involved MOSO’s Bamboo X-treme product, which is manufactured using a patented process licensed to dasso. Once this was discovered, dasso began taking action to unwind, revoke, rescind and terminate MOSO as a dasso approved distributor. Although MOSO refuses to accept dasso’s revocation and termination, MOSO no longer has any legal rights to distribute, carry, import, export, sell or hold itself out as being associated with, authorized by or in agreement with dasso or any dasso branded or patented products, including the product sold by MOSO under the brand Bamboo X-treme.

In addition to terminating all of MOSO’s rights and agreements, the Notice of Termination included a demand on MOSO to immediately cease and desist from spreading and publishing misleading and false statements about dasso to the public and to retract those untrue and deceptive statements. As of the date of this publication, MOSO has failed to retract the false statements published and disseminated about dasso, including its affiliates and licensees.

This release also puts dealers, distributors, retailers, wholesalers, suppliers and consumers on notice that dasso will not honor any warranties, rebates or recalls of any product sold by MOSO, including product being sold in the U.S. market since 2017 under MOSO’s Bamboo X-treme brand. Further, dasso cautions purchasers or distributors of product being sold by MOSO that the product being manufactured and sold by MOSO is not manufactured in a dasso approved factory. The testing literature being circulated by MOSO is based upon product that was formerly manufactured by a dasso approved and licensed factory or is based upon dasso approved and authorized product. The owner of the new factory producing unauthorized MOSO product in violation of the fused bamboo patents in China and the U.S. has been under criminal investigation and was recently incarcerated in China due to the criminal activities of the owner of the factory now producing MOSO’s product, including MOSO’s Bamboo X-treme exterior decking product. Again, dasso gives notice that it will not honor any warranties associated with or arising from claims made on any product sold by MOSO.