Zhejiang Xinhaiye Bamboo Technology Co., Ltd filed lawsuit against Dutch Company Moso International BV in Hangzhou Intermediate People's Court.

Hangzhou, November 29, 2019. Zhejiang Xinhaiye Bamboo Technology Co., Ltd, a member of dasso Group and the producer of “dassoCTECH” and dassoXTR, an extension of dasso global branding has filed a lawsuit against Moso International BV in Hangzhou Intermediate People’s Court last week.

dassoCTECH also known as dassoXTR Epic Cognac in the North American market, is the outdoor bamboo category brand of dasso Group. It is the latest innovation following the successful development of dassoXTR in its Classic Espresso color.   

dassoXTR series of products have been marketed and sold in China and international markets for many years, and had a significant market share in the eco-friendly outdoor bamboo market. In 2017, dasso launches dassoCTECH, a honey colored series outdoor bamboo, which is an important innovation due to its performance and neutral color of the outdoor bamboo.

In August 2018, after the exclusive territory sales representation rights of Moso International BV was terminated due to its serious violation of the product distribution agreement with Hangzhou Dasuo Bamboo Technology Co., Ltd (HDT), a member of dasso Group, dassoCTECH makes its entry into the European market.

Moso International BV sort to prevent the expansion of dassoCTECH cutting into its market shares, started to fabricate and spread misinformation against dassoCTECH. Part of the fabrication and misinformation include claiming Moso has participated in the technical development of dassoCTECH and that dassoCTECH contain ingredients that violated EU regulations.

Moso announced this news to the market through its private letter on November 2018, denigrate and disparage Dasso products in order to misled and prevent Dasso's customers from distributing and selling dassoCTECH. In 2019 over separate period of time, Moso International BV further spreads these false and fabricated information to dasso’s patentee, trademark licensee, distributors and customers including dasso’s European distributors.

dassoCTECH products have been tested by SGS Hong Kong, SGS Shanghai, Suzhou University, leading product safety and chemical management consulting firm CIRS Group, University of Göttingen and other third-party testing institutions, confirming that dassoCTECH is as what it claimed and had comply with the testing and requirement of the European regulations. Moso's spread of information about dassoCTECH is completely dishonest, false and deceptive on the basis of its own commercial interests.

In response to this malicious and unfair competition by Moso International BV, Dasso Group through its manufacturer member - Zhejiang Xinhaiye Bamboo Technology Co., Ltd has filed the lawsuit against MOSO International BV at the Hangzhou Intermediate People's Court in Zhejiang Province.  At present, the court has accepted the filing and the case is under further trial.